Tons of Fabulous Fun-Filled Activities
for Everyone to Enjoy!

Cabaret in Thailand
Cabaret in Thailand

Not only is the Thailand entertainment scene so extremely diversified, but it’s also fully-loaded with lots of fabulous fun-filled activities for all age groups. Add to this a lustrous and electrifying atmosphere, and you have a perfect pleasure-built recipe that’s only hard to beat.

There is a Thai word known as Sanuk, which means to have fun. This all-embracing action is intended for all occasions, be it a religious festival, a song-filled night out at a beer bar, a folk music club or a classical concert, Muay Thai boxing, a game of takraw or the latest international or local movie. Go out there and grab your slice of Sanuk.

Kickboxing in Phuket
Kickboxing in Phuket

The Arts and More

While all the signs of traditional entertainment still flourish, modern Thailand adopted many foreign pursuits from blockbuster movies to karaoke. There’s more than enough excitement to satisfy all tastes. So much so that on many occasions, it can be challenging to know where you should start or more importantly, when you should stop.

There are performing arts theatres with traditional dance/drama and modern dance music festivals, and there are gaming arcades, movie multiplexes, puppet shows, jazz concerts, live rock concerts, cabaret and comedy. There are also temple fairs and festivals, discotheques, clubs and pubs, as well as exhibitions and so much more. Deciding where to go and what to do is all part of the fun time that is about to come your way. 

All these seemingly endless recreational activities are for you to enjoy to the absolute fullest. Thais want to see you having a good time and will go to great lengths to make sure that your stay in Thailand is one of the very best ever. 

The entertainment hub in this land of smiles is virtually non-stop for all who dare. That said, there are some entertainment venues in Thailand you should avoid for your safety and security. Though karaoke in Thailand can be a lot of fun, there are pros and cons to participating in some of these events.

Ramakien Dance Karaoke Entertainment

Cinema & Theatre

Ever since the early 1990’s all the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies have taken the Thailand entertainment industry by storm. Bangkok now has huge movie theatres and multiplexes, many of which you can find in most of the biggest shopping malls.

These upscale cinema complexes are surprisingly plush too, and many have substantial lounge chairs in which to recline. Ushers at some of these theatres even hand out pillows, blankets and socks to add extra comfort for your viewing pleasure. Wow! It’s just like watching the widescreen while flying first class.

One of the biggest movie cinemas in Bangkok is the Grand EGV Cinema complex near the MBK Shopping Center. Other movie theatres in Bangkok include the Siam, the Lido and the Scala. You’ll find all three of these cinemas located within proximity to each other at Siam Square in Rama I Road.

EGV Cinema Complex in Bangkok
EGV Cinema Complex in Bangkok

To get to these movie theatres, you take the sky train to Siam Station and then follow the signs to Siam Square. You can also check the Bangkok Post and The Nation for daily schedules. Ticket prices range from 100 to 200 Baht. And remember, it’s courteous to stand up when the king’s anthem gets played before each performance.

Hollywood films arrive in Thailand soon after their debut in the USA and retain all original soundtracks. British and European productions are less common. Rather than having these movies dubbed, they have Thai subtitles. Many locally made Thai films are now supporting English subtitles so if you’re lucky enough to come across one, you could consider the alternative and give one of them a try. 

Ladyboy Cabaret Show in Bangkok
Ladyboy Cabaret Show in Bangkok

Theme Parks

Young children are considered special in Thailand so justifiably, there is no shortage of terrific fun experiences for them to enjoy at all the wonderful theme parks and amusement centres scattered around the country. Adults also get to appreciate many of these great venues too.

Thailand even celebrates a much-cherished kids’ day, which is held on the second Saturday in January every year. On this special day, entrance fees to many theme parks and zoos are free for all children. Air shows and military tank rides are also available. And with so much fun around, how can you not enjoy yourself. 

There is a lot of fun stuff for kids in Bangkok to enjoy and these include Siam Ocean World Aquarium, located at the Siam Paragon shopping centre on Thanon Rama I and in a leafy area known as Dusit is the Dusit Zoo which is another terrific place to take the kids. 

Kids Stuff

At Asiatique the Riverfront, nestled along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, is a traditional Thai puppet theatre show. And there’s also the Children’s Discovery Museum opposite the Chatuchak Weekend Market on Thanon Kamphaeng. This site is where kids are encouraged through interaction, to discover the exciting world of science, the environment as well as human and animal life.

Dream World Theme Park is just a ten-minute drive from Don Muang Airport where kids get to explore areas such as Fantasy Land, Dream Garden and Adventure Land. Other amusements include water and roller coaster rides. On the north-eastern outskirts of Bangkok is a drive-through safari park called Safari World where kids get the chance to see wild animals such as lions, rhinos, giraffes and zebras. 

Comedy & Cabaret

Thailand’s most infamous and famous forms of on-stage entertainment are the much-loved transvestite shows. Please don’t miss an opportunity to see these cross-dressing katoeys or ​ladyboys at their best.

Cabaret in Bangkok includes the Mambo, the Calypso and the Blue moon. The best show in Phuket is Simon Cabaret. Another is the Sphinx, which offers a more intimate feel. The informal Moulin Rouge is also fabulous for some lively fun. And the best show in Pattaya is Tiffany’s with Alcazar being internationally world famous too. 

Entertainment in Bangkok

Entertainment in Bangkok as with any city this size is non-stop. There is just so much of it going around that at times you’ll get dizzy with all the excitement. You could easily spend a song-filled night out in a beer bar or a folk music club. 

You could as comfortably enjoy traditional Thai dance, a classical drama concert, a live rock show, a ladyboy cabaret act, or a puppet performance. Or perhaps even dance the night away at a funky nightclub or go and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a recently released Thai movie. You’ll soon come to realise that the city of Bangkok has it all and so much more.

Entertainment in Phuket

Entertainment in Phuket offers incredible fun-filled adventures for the whole family. Kids will especially love the carnival atmosphere and all the excellent entertainment such as those found at FantaSea. Be sure not to miss this one. No matter what age you may be, there is something for everyone.

Entertainment in Pattaya

Entertainment in Pattaya goes beyond being one big playground packed full of go-go bars and massage parlours. Sure, there are lots of those here. It would be difficult not to notice them. You’d have to be either wholly blind or innocently naive not to.

Having said this, you have to understand that this is what gives Pattaya its unique character. It’s also what you would expect from one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world.

Pattaya does offer you a kaleidoscope of entertainment possibilities no matter how young or mature you are. Live music venues not only provide you with a place with a friendly vibe, cold beers and cocktails but also an opportunity to see artists from various parts of the world playing a wide range of new and popular music.

While there are several traditional nightspots in town offering live music entertainment performed by local Thai bands and singers, there are also nightclubs where DJ’s play a wide selection of house and dance music.

Kids, on the other hand, will love all the exciting entertainment provided at Ripley’s-believe it or not, the museum at the Royal Garden shopping centre. Here they will find adventure activities, thrill-seeking rides and horror-filled attractions that will have them screaming with delight.

The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is another excellent place in Pattaya to take all your kids. Here they can watch a Thai cultural show, a live snake show as well as elephants playing all sorts of games.

Dream World in Bangkok
Dream World in Bangkok