Fun and leisure activities for the whole family

Elephant Theatre Palace

For the ultimate in sheer Phuket Entertainment, head down to the south coast of Thailand, where the welcome sign is always on. Pleasure and joy are the only prerequisites allowed at this lively seaside resort. Nothing is short of exhilarating with so many fun and leisure activities for you to enjoy. There are also physical enterprising ventures for you to indulge your every whim. 

FantaSea cultural theme park at Kamala beach is truly a spectacular all-around entertainment. This magnificent park is inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage and has a fantastic fun theme to go. It’s a must-see for the whole family.

FantaSea at Kamala Beach

The Palace of the Elephants Theatre is definitely the highlight of the evening’s entertainment at FantaSea. This Las Vegas-style theatrical show should certainly take your breath away as it did mine.

Once seated and as the show begins, you’ll witness some magnificent elephants as they make their way to the stage. This truly spellbinding show combines Thai culture with amazing illusions that are almost beyond belief. I have taken many a friend to FantaSea and still manage to have plenty of fun each time. It’s Phuket entertainment at its very best.

The show is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long with two shows nightly. It may be advisable to pay the little extra for the VIP seats should you want a better view of the performances. It is unfortunate (or fortunately) that you are not allowed to take any photos inside the theatre so I cannot show you any but seen above is a photo taken outside at the entrance to the elephant theatre.

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Entertainment for Kids – Fantasea

FantaSea is a fabulous fantasy land theme park and pure Phuket entertainment for kids of all ages. Kids can literally go crazy in the vast show grounds while entertaining themselves with so many different forms of amusements. And with all the exciting features going on here, kids will surely be able to keep themselves busy for hours on end. It’s just like being at the carnival with plenty of fun stuff to do including loads of gaming arcades to participate in.

The Similan Entertainment Centre is a kind of undersea arcade at FantaSea which kids will just love and where they can join in the fun and games with all the friendly sea creatures around. In fact, everyone of all ages can join in and test their skills with all these new and exciting games on offer. 

The Tiger Jungle Adventure is another not-to-be-missed form of entertainment at FantaSea for kids where they will be able to see loads of gentle creatures in a sort of theatrical safari. This is a concept that will take you on a journey of 12 mythical and exotic scenes. Apparently inspired by ancient Thai folklore/legends and starring local animals, coupled with a special cutting edge visual and audio effects. Take a look at the video above for these and other exciting attractions.

Elephant Rides are available for leisurely strolls around the grounds as well as plenty of local handicraft talent to inspire all ages. Kids will have their hands full while trying to absorb all the thrills and spills.

I’d try to get an early tour bus to take you there even if you go to the later show at the Elephant Theater. If you have your own transport, even better. From Patong beach, a trip by car takes about an hour.

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant is a 4,000 seat buffet restaurant at the Fantasea Entertainment Center offering both Thai and international cuisine. I must say that I was both highly impressed with the magnificence of this place and the genuine hospitality of the Thai hosts.

The wonderful vegetarian spread that I was able to indulge in was especially welcome and should I add quite, delicious. I’m sure you too will be truly impressed as I was. The meals at this restaurant are included in the price of your ticket to the theatre.

Phuket Fantasea – Show with Dinner and Transfer

Phuket Fantasea – Show, Dinner and Transfer

Phuket Fantasea Show is a Las Vegas-style Thai theatrical and cultural show infused with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements. All this with special effects that enhance the grace and beauty of Thailand’s myths, mysteries and magic in a wondrous extravaganza that is certain to delight the whole family.

It’s the very essence of being Thai, everything from the love for freedom and fun, courage and compassion is being represented in each scene. Fantasea is the result of a stunning 140-acre theme complex packed with a multitude of activities and entertainment.

Here you’ll also find a carnival village with games, handicrafts and shopping as well as the 4,000-seat theme restaurant known as the Golden Kinnaree which offers a grand buffet of Thai and international cuisines. It’s Asia’s biggest restaurant. They also cater for vegetarians.  I was so impressed with Fantasea that I had to go twice. For details about this show, dinner and transfer, click the link above.

Booking your tour from this page (at no extra cost to you) would not only give me a little pocket money, but you’d be helping me maintain this blog so that I can continue giving you more Thailand travel info.

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Phuket Entertainment – Outdoor Adventure

World Bungee Patong is one of two bungee jumping locations in Phuket for all who dare to hurl themselves off into the unknown. The site is situated on Soi Kepsap, 2 Sai Namyen Road, Patong Beach and is open daily from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Jungle Bungee Jump is the other bungee jumping site where you can hurl yourself off from a great height. It is a 50-metre jump from a tower over water situated in the Kathu District of Phuket. This is Phuket entertainment at its very best.

Patong Go-Kart Speedway is a Phuket entertainment enterprise for you if you love the thrill of go-karting. You will find this 600-meter track at the base of Patong Hill. The speedway is open daily from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.

If this is not enough, then you could always go and explore the island’s forests and rubber plantations. Why not hire an all-terrain vehicle and go off-road. Perhaps even better, why not simply go on an ATV tour. 

Simon Cabaret Show

Phuket Entertainment – Cabaret Shows

Simon Cabaret is the largest ladyboy cabaret attraction in town and by far the very best of the best extravaganza in Phuket. I would highly recommend that you go and see this one while you are here,  especially if you didn’t get to see Tiffany’s Cabaret in Pattaya. There are few shows that beat this one. You will appreciate the exceptional talent that these performers put into their shows.

Evening Simon Cabaret Show in Phuket

Evening Simon Cabaret Show in Phuket

The Simon Cabaret is a 3.5-hour show that never fails in delivering a top-class act, even when you go over and over again. On stage is a bevy of professional entertainers presenting artistic impersonations through songs and tales of love and adventure that captivates every moment. Hotel pickup and drop-off from Phuket hotels is included. You can choose from one of three departure times when you book.

Sphinx Cabaret is a ladyboy show set on a very small stage in a comfortable environment. The show offers a superb intimate feel. The venue has an adjoining restaurant with a full bar service, although dining is optional. Sphinx Cabaret is situated within walking distance from the main entertainment area of Patong.

I have to admit that this particular show was a little disappointing compared to the other ladyboy shows I had seen in Phuket. Perhaps I was just a little tired from all the other activities of the day as I kept falling asleep during the various performances. To be quite honest, the show was not as good as I had hoped it would be but then again, you be the judge should you decide to go to this one.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret is a highly recommendable Phuket entertainment venue and the performances the ladyboys present here, are top class and a lot of fun. The shows continue all night long which is great if you want to pop in anytime and leave anytime.

And best of all, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like which means you can watch the shows over and over again should you so wish. You are only required to pay once you leave. And don’t forget the ladyboy tips later.

You get to sit on some comfortable sofas and order drinks whenever you like. Moulin Rouge is not advertised, but you’ll find it on the first Soi just off Bangla Road in Patong.

Phuket FantaSea