Thailand is truly the land of smiles! It’s an amazing exotic location full of fun, smiles, and sunshine! I’m excited to share with you my knowledge, tips, and experiences to get the most out of your experience 😉

My interest in Thailand sparked when I first traveled out of the country on my own in 2004. I was 20 years old then, full of naivety, wonder, and adventurous energy! It was through that first experience that I developed a love for travel, and a burning desire to discover more about Thailand and it’s many mysteries. 

Years later, I got the chance to study abroad in this wonderful country and make some meaningful friendships with like-minded people. Everyone I was involved with were passionate about traveling!  It was a time of partying, travel, and an opportunity to intellectualize as well as goof around with my fellow international citizens! 

Fortunately, the experience didn’t end there. I have also worked in a hospital in Koh Samui and have taught English in Korat at an International School. These experiences have helped me gain valuable insight into the culture and customs of Thailand and allowed me to travel to some of Thailand’s best tourist destinations.

My knowledge and perspective have taken influence from my formal studies. In 2016, I graduated with a major in Asian Studies at Flinders University in Australia. Teaching English in both Thailand and Vietnam as well as partaking in foreign language classes has also shed light on some peculiarities in ‘Asian’ thought and language.  

It is through this lens of study and experience I pursue this path as a travel writer and entrepreneur.

What makes me tick??

Besides traveling, I’m also very interested in food, film, music, events, and motorbiking. spending 4 years living in Hanoi I got to spend ample time touring the mountain ranges of Northern Vietnam, which according to the seasoned travel bikers I’ve talked to, includes some of the best (if not the best) scenery and terrain in the world to motor along! Mountains of Northern Vietnam (Ta Xua)


Although I’m by no means an expert in the kitchen, I love to discuss food with a passion. I’ve developed a keen palate and have enjoyed devouring many of Asia’s finest delicacies throughout my travels.


I’m definitely too cool to be a hipster,  and was listening to music no one had ever heard of before any of them ever were! Actually, growing up I was a mighty fan of punk rock and I still prefer songs and artists who throw punchy instrumental elements together. Over recent years, I’ve grown an ear for certain forms of melodic electronica.

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While in University I was able to take a few film subjects and came to realize just how much movies mean to me. It was fascinating studying film history and plot analysis. I am in awe of directors who are able to create dynamic storylines and tell stories with great emotional impact. My perfect film would be a comedy-action-drama, with all the best elements smooshed into one!


My younger self was a passionate attendee of some of Australia’s finest music festivals. The crowds, the ambiance, and the sheer pleasure of seeing my favorite artists rock it out on stage took me to high places! Furthermore,  I also met great people and found each festival to be an immersive experience into worlds uncharted. Working in the catering industry also took me to some other high octane events. I really enjoyed roles where I managed the practical arrangements of such events, such as co-ordinating workers and logistics. 

Wishing you luck on your travels!

Thanks for reading about me! I am looking forward to meeting many of you who have an interest in travel, and wish you well on your own adventures!

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