Queensland, Australia The home for the wakeboarders

You can wakeboard Queensland? Sure! It has an abundance of warm weather and sunshine, unfortunately, it lacks a little in the freshwater department!

The Tweed River is a big spot for a lot of the Gold Coast riders and there are many other rivers all through the state but sometimes bull sharks can be a little scary and you kinda have to keep an eye out.

If sharks really freak you out that much then head to the cable parks on the Sunshine Coast and you can nail kickers and rails all day long shark-free. Don’t be put off by any critter that bites cause if it’s good enough for Daniel Watkins, Mitch Langfield, Jeff Weatherall, Adam Munroe, Chris Kallis, Ike, Dwayne Priestly, Scotty Green, Josh Oconnell, and many many many more then I’m sure it’s good enough for us right?