Wakeboarding and Skateboarding Heaven.

Before I begin, I just want to give a shout out to iRocker Paddleboards Australia, I highly recommend.

The town of Jindabyne

The town of Jindabyne has everything anyone who lives aboard sports life could ever want.

At the bottom of two mountains with snow and on the edge of a lake with a skate park to boot what more could you ask for? This place is one perfect location

Over the past 10 years, Jindabyne has been accommodating more and more to the board sport lifestyle.

The town hosts many snow rail jams on the streets during winter. The newly built skate park is located just off the main road beside the lake, over the road from Banjos bar, restaurant and night club. So you can go for a wakeboard, skate and then a feed all within 50m of each other.

About 4 hours South of Sydney, is more well know for its snow resort play time in winter then its wakeboarding.

Although a fairly large town, Jindy doesn’t seem to get too much business during summer. This makes it ideal for us wakeboarders to head down and boost up the economy getting some sets in without too much hassle from any other boats.

Even if there were other boats, the lake has that many arms and coves you will find plenty of shelter from wind and rollers.

The lake is massive. At 914m above sea level it forms a large part of the snowy mountains hydro water scheme.

Similar to Lake Eildon in Victoria, due to the rapid rise of the dam, the council made the decision to pack up Jindabyne and move it to higher ground where it sits today.

Below the water lies a town still preserved by the icy snow melts from the surrounding mountains. This is also a great dive attraction to many during summer.

How to Get There

It’s a bit of a hike by car to get to Jindy from Melbourne taking around 7 hours on the winding Alpine Way crossing over Thredbo.

If you already have a boat and holiday house sitting waiting for you then why drive when you can fly out of Sydney to the regional airport. Flights from Sydney will set you back anywhere from $120 to $240 depending on the season and what day it is.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Jindabyne can be anything from $50 at the local caravan park to $500 for the weekend at a more up-market resort (accommodation map). Regardless of your budget or family size, you will be looked after.

Even though Jindabyne is a remote location and predominately a snow environment, an ESS store in town that stocks all wake and snow gear to help you with any equipment issues you may have on your trip.