Extraordinary Artistic Displays of Craftsmanship from around Thailand

Ornate Stone Carving

Wood + Bronze + Stone + Ivory + Soap + Fruit

Many magnificent Thai Carving Creations can be seen all over Thailand from the biggest of cities to the smallest of villages. Significant and extraordinary carvings can even be observed in the form of beautifully intricately crafted sculptures too.

Should you decide to visit the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, you will get to see the incredible work created in producing an awe-inspiring masterpiece in the form of a hundred and a five-metre noble monument built entirely out of teak.

Wood Carving

The numerous carvings produced and displayed in Thailand are very much evident in a variety of some of the most unusual but spectacular creations. Many capture shapes in the form of wood carving, stone carving, bronze carving, ivory carving as well as superb and intricate soap carving and fruit carving.

It all boils down to the meticulous, articulate, patient and artistic ability that Thai artists have when it comes to achieving such incredibly high standards in all fields of art.

You also cannot help but marvel at the perfectionism and unique style the artists employ to create these carvings while utilising a variety the local materials made available to them. Just watching them at work is a fascinating experience.

You’ll get a first-hand inside look into all of their creative dens as you amble around the cities and backyards as part of your travels. Thai artists allow you countless opportunities to view and enjoy their creations as they diligently ply their trade.

Artist at Work

Wood Carving

Wood carvings you’ll find at all the tourist hotspots around Thailand. You’ll find them on all the bustling city streets and in many shopping malls, and you’ll be able to buy these and other carvings at craft markets and bazaars and even in some of the villages in the back and beyond.

Thai artisans have no peers to speak of, so they tend to develop their traditional style by creating images of mythological creatures like dragons and multi-headed serpents.

Bronze Thai Carving

Decorative Thai Carving

You would be able to observe some very decorative carvings when visiting many of the temples around Thailand. Just pause for a moment before entering any of these buildings and look up towards the eaves. You’ll be amazed at the various complexes as well as the perplexing forms of art on some eaves.

One of the best places to view some superb examples would be at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, but you will indeed find much more decorative carvings at other royal buildings too. Many are very bright and colourful. Even the royal barges and carriages are enthralling to view.

If you should ever venture out into the countryside, you would be able to spot a few stunning and mysterious carvings created out of wood on some of the more modest Thai homes.

Stone Thai Carving

Soap Carving

Soap Carving first originated as a hobby in lots of villages around Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. Locals practised the delicate art of carving images out of soap during leisure time between working on their farms and the rice paddies.

Many of these carvings were in the shape of flowers. Soap carvings get sold at many of the night bazaars along with numerous other handicrafts and souvenirs made. Today you’ll find soap artists at tourist venues all around the country. 

Flower Soap Carving

Fruit and Vegetable Carving

It’s extremely hard not to be impressed by the exquisitely carved fruit and vegetables that accompany meals in luxury hotels and restaurants in Thailand.

Watermelons, papaya, tomatoes, carrots, beets and even chillies become magically transformed into various flowers such as roses and tulips. At the same time, cucumbers get carved into delicate petals and leaves, and scallions get transformed into tassels and chrysanthemums.

What was once the preserve of women of the royal court, today, many ordinary Thai’s knows some necessary carving skills. However, skilled practitioners capable of producing astonishing and elaborate creations come highly esteemed in Thailand. 

Watermelon Carving