Blue Seas, Sandy Shores, Cool Breezes and 
Blissful Days and Balmy Nights

Koh Nang Yuan Beach

A journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step.

Lao Tzu

Do you envision a dream vacation on an idyllic Thailand Beach? Everywhere you dare venture in Thailand; you are sure to find stacks of stunning soft sandy beaches dotted along more than three thousand kilometres of tropical coastline.

This is my guide to the many spectacular Thailand beach sites from the most popular to the most secluded, from the most dramatic to the most serene, from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea and beyond.

Beach at Khao Lak


What makes a Thailand beach destination so attractive to tourists are the many distinctive characteristics that this geographical coastline has to offer. For instance, all along the Andaman Coast, you’ll find hundreds of distinct and dramatic limestone sheer cliffs carved by the wind and water over millions of years. They form strange and striking karst formations that seem to ascend into the heavens.

Phang Nga

The central bay area around Phang Nga is one such home to these beautiful and most spectacular sculptures, some of which have weathered to such a degree that they have become quite hollow inside and now formed into several caves.

Beach on Koh Samui Island

All along the shores, you will find many areas of thick mangrove forests, home to an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures including the big fiddler crab (named after the male’s single outsized claw). Following close behind comes the crab-eating macaques who apart from snacking on various fruits during high tide, are merely filling in time while waiting for the main crab course to arrive.

I have yet to see these primates catching a fiddler crab. I believe that their single claw is so dominant that they can open a can. Perhaps I should try to find one of these crabs as my electric can-opener seems to have gone on the blink.

Phuket Island

The beaches on Phuket Island include Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Bang Tao Beach and much more. These beaches are all complimented with beautiful blue skies, crystal clear turquoise waters, gently swaying palms and silky soft sand. Find out more here.


The beaches around Pattaya include those of Pattaya Bay, Jomtien Bay and Naklua Bay. Many of these beaches are considered to be leading windsurfing spots in Thailand. There are also some superb bathing areas in the region with plenty of space to relax in the warm sunshine—what a perfect beach getaway. Find out more here.

Hua Hin

The beach at Hua Hin is a long, wide and flat stretch of uncluttered coastline with lots of room for you to relax in the sun, take a leisurely pony ride or enjoy a variety of water sports. Nearby Cha-am Beach is where you can relax in private under the shade of casuarina trees, take a swim in the calm and warm waters or perhaps even hire a jet ski. Read More here.

Beach on Koh Kham Island

Koh Samui

The beaches on Koh Samui Island are possibly the most loved in Thailand. The famous Chaweng Beach is a magnificent palm-fringed stretch of silky soft sandy shoreline with equally impressive crystal clear emerald-blue waters and an easily accessible coral reef. Lamai Beach is another pretty piece of paradise with gentle swaying palms leaning effortlessly over blue-green waters. Read More.


The beaches around Krabi consist of several stunning white sandy spots tucked away in the corner of the Andaman Sea and majestically complimented with awe-inspiring limestone karsts. Soft sand, crystal clear shallow waters, coral reefs, rock pools and caves y set against backdrops of picturesque limestone cliffs. The famous Railay Beach will mainly appease all rock-climbing enthusiasts. Read More.

Koh Phi Phi

The beaches of Koh Phi Phi are among the most enchanting in southern Thailand. They all have beautiful, idyllic settings for the ultimate tropical getaway. These beaches are exquisite, addictive and seductive and have just the right ingredients for a fun-filled holiday in the sun. 

Ao Ton Sai Beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Loh Dalum Beach for kayaking. Long Beach for scuba diving and snorkeling and Laem Tong Beach for relaxation. 

Beach on Koh Kood Island
Beach on Koh Tao Island