Art, Architecture and Artifacts
from around the Country

Dragon Head Art at the entrance to Wat Ban Tham

The Thailand Art Scene presents itself in many forms that seemingly culminate into a pure artistic talent which abounds and astounds all who welcome it in this beautiful part of the world. I want to invite you to discover a vast selection of Thai Art on offer to enjoy and remember long after your vacation is over.

Sometimes one gets the impression that art is only confined to some painting, be it oil, charcoal or watercolour. As an artist myself, I am continually asked what sort of art I create.

When I tell colleagues and friends that I don’t paint at all, they seem a little surprised. That’s because I create modern artworks with mixed media like wood, plastic and steel. 

The true meaning of art can be expressed in several ways as experienced in the traditional, classical or modern art, contemporary or antique furniture, sculptures or carvings, theatre or cinema, music or literature, fashion or jewellery and more.

I shall discuss a few of the fantastic types of art from the awe-inspiring Buddhist Art to the delicate performing arts of Thailand. Why not go and experience the thrill and excitement in a world of many colours and flavours.

Hand Painted Fan at a Chiang Mai Art Market

Hand Painted Umbrellas and Fans

Delicate and intricate hand-painted umbrellas and fans created from fine silk and paper are just some of the many examples you can view on the Thailand art scene.

The best place for you to witness this would be in the northern province of Chiang Mai where you can experience the whole process from beginning to end from some very talented Thai artists and craftspeople.

You are more than welcome to commission a design of your choice or purchase any one of many examples on sale at the factories or craft markets around town.

Thailand Arts an Craft – Ceramic Art

Thai Pottery and Ceramics

The techniques used to create pottery and ceramics as a Thailand art form has been around since the beginning of the 14th century. Vietnamese, Burmese and Chinese ceramics had since been discovered around the country, which later influenced the styles, shapes and intricate design patterns you now see in authentic Thai ceramics giving them their unique character. Exporting ceramics to foreign borders created wealth and benefits for all Thai communities.

Thai Ceramic Art Book

Thai ecclesiastical ceramic wares from the early 14th to the late 16th centuries became analysed from a historical and cultural perspective in this study. A systematic analysis of the pieces and their role in local Buddhist and animist religious ceremonies became contextualised with the background of Thailand’s history, politics, and cultural practices.

The various cultures that influenced the form, function and design of these wares were explored with comparisons made to similar products from other Asian cultures, including Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, China and India.

Detail of Temple Art in in Bangkok

Thai Temple Art and Architecture

If you take the time to view a few of the magnificent temples around Thailand, you’ll notice some unique, colourful and intricate details on the gables of the temple buildings as well as the entrance gates offering you as a visitor, an exciting insight into Thai art and culture. I find the lavish ornamentation of these temples present a sense of welcome and inspiration to all who enter. 

Rose Flower Wood Carving on a door in Chiang Mai

Thailand Art – Thai Carvings

If you would like to see more of what Thailand has to offer in the way of unique artworks, then you should try and visit as many art galleries around the country as you can fit into your itinerary.

You can also scout around the art and craft markets to find many exciting and unusual local art, including some fantastic examples of stone, bronze, ivory and wood carvings as well as intricate soap and fruit carvings.

Gemstones and jewellery, metal and bronze art, as well as fashion fabrics in cotton and silk, are some of the exquisite examples of art you’ll find in all the main tourist areas of Thailand.

Frankenstein Metal Art from Bangkok

Art Shops in Thailand

You can visit any number of the Thai Art Shops in the tourist resort towns of Pattaya and Phuket. They offer both original art and copies of original artwork by the local Thai artists in the area. Why not commission a portrait of yourself to be sketched or painted from a holiday snapshot. Even a family favourite makes an excellent gift or memento. Here are two paintings that I purchased in Pattaya.

Surreal Thailand Art

And now for something utterly surreal in terms of how far artistic merit has developed in our modern society. And in this particular case, we take a trip to a little-known bakery a few kilometres west of Bangkok.

Forget about everything you ever thought possible in the creative art form. Because once you get the opportunity to meet this undergraduate art student with a masters degree in fine arts, you’ll probably stare in disbelief at some of the bizarre bread body parts he has created out of dough in his family’s Bangkok bakery. Read more.

Bizarre Bread Body Art Bakery