Bumrungrad International Hospital

Thailand Health represents the very latest in state-of-the-art health care from the very basic medical service, advice and benefits to some of the best cosmetic surgery in both the private and government sectors. The hospitals here are equivalent to those of any major western country.

Many Thai doctors had been expertly trained overseas before working at the hospitals here. Many first class hotels in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai all have doctors on call for any medical emergencies. There really is no need to worry while you are on holiday or business here, as you’ll certainly be well taken care of.

Emergencies after 2004 Tsunami

You only needed to see how well these doctors helped performed medical emergencies shortly after the 2004 Tsunami. I had left Phuket just two months before that fateful day but I often wonder where I would have been when disaster struck. Possibly still sleeping in my room on the first floor at the Patong Beach Hotel after a late night or perhaps still having breakfast on the ground floor.

The reason I am telling you this is because anybody who knows this hotel will also know that this hotel is practically right on the beach front. Going back to Phuket a while later, I was surprised to see how relatively little damage was caused to property on the beachfront including the hotel where I had stayed. 

Only the ground floor had been damaged which included the reception and pool area. I was happy to stay over at the same hotel the following year in 2005.

As I did not want to ask too many questions about missing persons, I did notice that everyone that I had come to know, were still there. My condolences still go out to those who did not make it. I considered myself very lucky so whenever I go back to Phuket, I take extra clothes with me to give to the needy.

I’m going to stop here right now, but do me a big favour and go visit the island of Phuket. It is truly a wonderful place to see and it’s still one of the finest beach destinations in the world. I assure you that you will enjoy yourself there.

Tsunami Warning Sign

Bumrungrad Hospital

Though I haven’t made use of the Thailand health system, I did, however, visit Bumrungrad International Hospital, which is one of the top hospitals in Bangkok. I was there to do some research into skin whitening creams. I was asked to register all my details and now feel part of Bangkok.

I suppose you could say that the procedure is similar to opening a bank account. Should the need arise, this hospital is very comfortable for westerners. Patients come here for a variety of treatments including cosmetic surgery.

PS: Hospitals are really not my favourite subject for discussion or for that matter, places to visit, be it as a patient or as a visitor. I had only gone to this one for research. I never ever want to be a patient at any hospital if I can help it, but with the excellent Thailand health services, you have the assurance that you will be well taken care of should the need arise.

Entrance to Bumrungrad Hospital

Thailand Health Services Vs. Cambodian Health Services

On the contrary, the health sector across the border in Cambodia is not remotely the same as that of the Thailand health administration. While in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city, I was briefly hospitalised for food poisoning. You really don’t want to go to a hospital here. More like a military bush camp setup.

Most of what I can remember were the spiders on the ceiling and the young lady who had come in due to an overdose of heroin or similar substance abuse. I would think that she’d be staying a lot longer there. I didn’t stop to ask.

Thank goodness I was only here for a short while, got an injection and soon left. The moral of the story… hurry back to Thailand for a far superior deal. Thailand health service is a thousand times better and you will also sleep a lot better.

Bumrungrad Hospital Lobby