The information here is in response to return transfers from Phuket Airport to your hotel in Patong Beach as well as other transport options from the airport to Phuket Town. This article was originally a source of information presented by Peter Malherbe, a writer for a newspaper in South Africa as well as being a travel expert answering travel related questions from around the world.

As much as I have spent many a time commuting from the international airport in Phuket to and from Patong, I could not have answered this query so prolifically.

The question many visitors are asking is who they could contact in Phuket for return transfers from the airport to their hotel in Patong Beach. I myself have answered this particular query for many of my visitors, but now there is no need for me to respond to everyone individually as you can get the information here.

You may have seen on the internet that the fee for a single transfer is around 70 Thai Baht, less than a few dollars and although you could possibly ask your hotel to try and arrange transport, you may end up between a rock and a hard place. 

Another frequently asked question was should one try bargaining with taxi drivers at the airport. While this sort of behaviour is regarded as a general rule at markets and street stalls in Phuket, transport fees are generally set at regulated prices. You can, if you like to give it a try at Phuket airport, but it is certainly not the norm. More important issues regarding transfers can be found below.

Nok Air at the Phuket International Airport

Phuket Airport to Patong Beach

There are a number of ways to get from Phuket Airport to Patong Beach. There is, of course, a low-cost bus service, but that will only get you to Phuket Town and once there, you will still have to face the hassle (and haggle with taxis) of getting to Patong beach which is located another 20 kilometres (12 miles) away.

There’s absolutely no need to book your travel arrangements from your hotel or the airport in advance for the various types of transport options. Your best bet is to organise a transfer at the airport terminal counter, which is conveniently located just after you collect your luggage and before you reach the public arrivals hall. All prices are clearly listed on a large board, with a seat on a minibus costing anything from 180 Baht to 250 Baht per person.

A private car to Patong Beach seating three to four people will set you back 750 Baht per car. You pay at the counter and a representative will accompany you to the car (usually referred to as a limousine). It is a very slick operation.

Just be very aware that some minibus drivers like to stop off at one or other travel office midway to Patong where they will try to get you to book hotels and or tours. Fortunately for you, limousine drivers normally go directly to your hotel.

Phuket Town

Alternative Transportation

An alternative would be to take one of the metered taxis that line up to the left of the terminal as you exit the airport. This can cost you around 500 Baht to Patong. However, you’ll have to walk the gauntlet of independent taxi drivers to get to the booth and you might have to haggle with the driver to put the meter on.

Metered taxi drivers have been known to drive off without resetting the meter and then charging you a much higher fee on arriving at your hotel.

If you’re determined to book your transfers in advance, you could arrange with your hotel to send a car to come and pick you up. Just be aware that the charge could be anything from 1,000 Baht to 2,000 Baht. Better still, when booking your airfare and or hotels through your local travel agency, make sure that the transfers to and from the airport are actually part of the package.

Overall, taking the limousine service from inside the terminal is probably going to be your best bet. I hope that the information here will greatly help you in your decision making. For any additional inquiries, please use the contact form below.

Camel Island near Phuket