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Bangkok Traffic
Getting around Bangkok – All you ever need to know

Should you be planning a trip to Thailand and you don’t quite know how to get around from one place to another not just in Bangkok but other cities too, you can easily book flights, trains, ferries, buses as well as transfers by filling in your destination in the block below. In fact, you can also use the platform to travel from one Asian country to the next. It’s that simple. Give it a try.

Getting around Bangkok – Tips on Taxis

Taxis are abundant in all the cities around Thailand but only in the bustling city of Bangkok, will you find find pink ones, orange ones, blue and red ones, yellow and green ones. Who knows what other colours you’ll find next. You’ll find them outside shopping centres, airports, hotels, and just about everywhere and anywhere.

Although you will not find any taxi stands on the streets of Bangkok, you will be able to hail one from the streets themselves. There are so many taxis all over the place that you would be very hard-pressed not to notice them.

Tuk Tuk during Monsoon Season

Just be aware that not all taxis have meters, so make sure that you take one that has. You might need to ask, that is if you don’t see a meter. The reason why I make this point is that should you catch a cab without one, then the driver will more than likely try to fix a higher price. I can guarantee it will be three or four times the normal metered price. Most taxis have air-conditioning and comfortably seat 3 or 4 persons.

Always remember that when using a metered taxi, make sure that the driver lets the little flag down and if not, just be as polite as you can and ask him to start the meter. Price starts at around 35 Baht on the fall of the flag and even if caught in traffic, a half hour trip would cost you in the region of 100 Baht.

Generally speaking, you’d pay about five Baht for every kilometre travelled. Try to use the expressway when your journey should cross town, and please do not be afraid to ask before hand to avoid any disappointments later.

As an example, a one way trip by taxi to Pattaya from Bangkok would cost you approximately 1,200 Baht and to Hua Hin, it would be the equivalent of around 2,000 Baht. These prices usually include all toll fees, but not necessarily exclusive.

Tuk-Tuk and Driver

Getting around Bangkok on a Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuks are a fun way in which to travel around the streets of Bangkok. These brightly coloured three-wheeled taxis are most convenient when you are in a hurry as they can weave in and out of the traffic with relative ease.

The way some Tuk-Tuk drivers negotiate the traffic might seem a little frightening to you, but somehow you always seem to arrive alive. I have yet to see one in an accident, but then I don’t really want to see one either. You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, when in Bangkok, a ride in a Tuk-Tuk is a must do experience.

Did you know that the name Tuk-Tuk is derived from the incessant noise their two-stroke engines make? There are over 7,000 of them in the city, or so I am told. They don’t have any air-conditioning, but they are fun and convenient. Just hop on and hop off.

Please don’t be surprised if your trip in a Tuk-Tuk ends up costing you more to travel in than the normal taxis. Always try to establish a price beforehand, so as not to be disappointed later.

Getting around Bangkok couldn’t be better. Expect to pay around 70 Baht for a short trip of a few blocks and 120 Baht for a half hour spin across most parts of downtown. All Tuk-Tuk drivers will try almost anything to get the most Baht out of you.

Just be cautious and if you are not happy, then simply walk away and take another one. I have done this a number of times as it certainly doesn’t pay to argue. Try to be as polite as possible. Go on – Live a little and have a whole lotta fun at the same time.

Getting around Bangkok in a Water Taxi

Getting around Bangkok – Private Transport

Private transport is the alternative form of luxury travel should you want to be more independent. Whether it’s for luxury private road travel or luxury private ocean travel, there are many Private Limousine Services, Private Taxis Services and Private Ocean Cruise Services available throughout Thailand including most of the major islands.

Should you require a private transport service from the airport or perhaps even a private tour, then I would be more than willing to help make all the arrangements for you. Please feel free to contact me so that I may facilitate your necessary requirements. I wish your Thailand vacation be one of the very best so that you may remember it for years to come as I do and always will.

Bangkok Sky Train

Getting around Bangkok – Train Travel

Bangkok Transit System (BTS) better known as the Skytrain, is another form of train travel in Bangkok. It is the perfect way to beat the heat and the city’s traffic congested streets. Of course, the best times to use this service is anytime except during peak hours. The Skytrain is fast, frequent, clean and safe.

The only problem is that there are not enough lifts or escalators for the disabled and elderly, only lots of stairs going up from the street. And don’t forget the underground metro system. It’s especially useful to get around should you be disabled.