A Tropical Fruit native to South East Asia including Thailand

The only common affiliation a Mango and a Mangosteen share aside from both being tropical fruits is that the latter has an extra five letters in its name. Other than that, they have distinctly dissimilar characteristics in every area of appearance, texture and taste. These small apple-shaped fruits have leathery brown skins that turn purple as they begin ripening. The flesh looks similar to that of a lychee but the taste is vastly different.

The fruit is native to Southeast Asia, but largely cultivated in Thailand and known as the king of all Thai fruits. Their creamy white flesh is divided into a number of segments, each one sporting a large seed. Their plump body is then surrounded by a  thick tough skin. The flesh has a cool fresh sweet fragrant flavour similar in taste to grapefruit which locals believe is a great chaser to the Durian Fruit. The way to enjoy this fruit is to eat it raw.


All the Health Benefits of Mangosteen

There are many health benefits of this exotic fruit. Apart from providing you with vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and proteins, they rid your body of cell-damaging free radicals. They strengthen your immune system. They help in the fight against infection. They rejuvenate your skin. They help support proper function of your liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs.

They also maintain healthy blood sugar levels. They also support healthy cardiovascular and circulatory systems as well as healthy cholesterol and urinary levels. Not bad for a fruit very few western people consume. And they taste great too.

These fruits are a natural energy source. They also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. They increase lean body mass. They increase mental focus. They improve memory. They are a mood enhancer and they help your body cope with stress. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by eating this exotic fruit.

Pretty Plump and Purple Mangosteen    

The mangosteen has been deemed the queen of fruit not only for its uniquely sweet and sour taste but also for it’s amazing healing properties. No other fruit could dare rival the deliciousness and beauty of the mangosteen!

Other Tropical Fruits from Thailand

The Durian is a controversial exotic fruit that you will either love or loath. Eat it if you dare.
Rambutan is a tropical fruit and a close cousin of the Lychee and Longan family.
Dragon Fruit is a bizarre looking but beautiful and brightly coloured cactus type fruit. The flesh inside is white in colour with tiny black seeds. It’s juicy with a mild sweet taste.
The green Thai Mango Fruit is one of the world’s most favourite tropical fruits.