How to spend a chilled night in Hoi An?

Hoi An Ancient Town is peaceful and pristine in the morning, with ancient features blending with the bustle of commercial tourism throughout the day. When the sun goes down, the streets light up with thousands of lanterns!!!

Old Town boats on the Hoai River

The following are some tips on spending a relaxing evening in Hoi An!

Walk through the old town at night taking pictures with the lanterns.

At each time of the day, Hoi An displays different aspects of its beauty. When the sun goes down, the streets come alive. Thousands of lanterns protruding from the ancient yellow-walled houses turn Hoi An into a fanciful oriental delight.

Picture this… walking through the old town, viewing the lanterns from the street, then casting your eyes to the beautiful Hoai River. You are immersed in the sparkling shimmers of light emanating from the boats. You may just have to pinch yourself, you’ve discovered an ancient dreamland!

Take a boat ride along the Hoai River and release the floating flower lanterns!

Instead of walking, you have the option to sit in a flower boat along the Hoai River embracing Hoi An City. The boat rental fee will depend on the time and type of boat. Usually from 50k – 100k vnd.

In addition to the refreshing boat tour, you can release flower lanterns on the river! The locals believe that the river listens to the people’s prayers and has the ability to bestow great miracles.

Buy a beautiful lantern and then release it while you’re cruising on one of the boats

Eat and shop at the Hoi An night market.

The Hoi An night market is full of interesting and specialized artifacts and foods to delight any traveller! Arriving at the night market, be sure to try the local dishes including Banh Trang (a crispy vietnamese pizza), Cao Lau or Mi Quang (A drenched noodle salad with chicken or pork) , Com Ga Hoi An (Vietnamese Rice and Chicken done the local way) and Bot Loc Cake (glutinous rice pockets with shrimp or pork inside). These are the local dishes Hoi Aners cook with pride!

There are also many stalls selling souvenirs. Don’t be worried about paying too much as Hoi An people are generally hospitable and gentle. A little bit goes a long way to support them!

Visit the Hoi An Impression Park

The Hoi An Impression Park is a place not everyone knows about. There are not only authentic Vietnamese food stalls but also Korean, Japanese, and other asian delicacies. Some other stalls also display many Vietnamese handicrafts such as pottery and silk goods. There are also designated areas to learn about the ancient history of Hoi An.

The most remarkable thing about Hoi An Impression Park is that visitors can experience 18 contemporary folk cultural performances. All of them are free! Visitors can also enjoy and participate in folk games: Bai Choi. A similar game to bingo, but it is more of a musical art form with spectacularly created cards.

Performing “Water Procession” at the Hoi An Impression Park

Watch a show at the Hoi An Impression Park (Must do!)

The Hoi An Ky Uc Show has been touted the world’s most beautiful show, by and more than 300 global news agencies. This is a “real” theatrical show i.e. the scenes on the stage involve houses, roads, a bridge, water, as well as boats that are all real!

The staging is simply incredible, with stellar performances, music, more than 400 dancers, ghostly scenes, and touching stories taking the audience through a series of emotional climaxes! If you come to Hoi An, be sure not to miss out on this wonderful show!

Ticket prices: There are two types of tickets, 600k VND and 750k VND.

The show takes place at Hoi An Impression Park, address: 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong – Cam Nam – Hoi An. Guests can easily book tickets at the hotel or buy directly at the Hoi An Impression Park.

Chill out at a Live Music Bar

We’d like to recommend you the perfect bar, but they change so much. The live music scene is alive and thriving in Hoi An as well as Danang, with open mic nights a regular occasion. A quick Google Maps search should find you something interesting.

Go crazy at the Bungalow Beach Bar!

Bungalow Beach Bar is located on An Bang beach, about 5km from Hoi An ancient town. There are quite a few bars at An Bang beach, but Bungalow Beach Bar is a place worth choosing. In addition, to live music everyday there are free billiards, amazing craft beers, and delicious food. Bungalow bar also has an outdoor swimming pool, meaning not only adults, but children can hang out here!

After swimming, you can lie on a sofa to relax, listen to music, watch the stars, talk about your adventures, or simply vote for your favorite bikini girl or muscle stud!

The price of food and drink is not too exorbitant. It’s quite reasonably really, starting from 30k VND for food and there are jugs or Beer Hoi (simple craft beer) starting at 100k VND. Sometimes they have specials on beer, 10k VND a glass, and 25k for food!

The Address: 101 Nguyễn Phan Vinh, Hội An


Hopefully, the article has provided you with many interesting nighttime activities to pursue in Hoi An. Just remember, keep Hoi An beautiful and don’t litter! May you have the most amazing night roaming the streets and enjoy everything Hoi An has to offer 😉