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Safe and Secure Journey in the Kingdom

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Here’s a few Thailand Travel Safety Tips for your journey to and from as well as in and around the Thai Kingdom. Deciding what to take or what not to take with you before you leave home. Although I have never had anything stolen myself whilst on any of my trips to Thailand, one can never be too cautious.

It is best to leave all the expensive jewellery,  including your favourite family hair-loams at home. For the best part, you do not need them here and besides, it’s far too hot most of the time to be wearing all that bling-bling stuff.

Surely you don’t want your expensive items stolen by some local pickpocket while strolling around the Markets of Thailand so it’s advisable to leave them at home. There is also no need to wear your Rolex or Breitling watch unless there’s the need to impress.

Hat Sai Khao Beach on Koh Chang Island

Travel Light

For the best part of the year, Thailand is mostly extremely hot, so you don’t want to be carrying around any unnecessary heavy clothing For the best part of the year, Thailand is mostly extremely hot, so you don’t want to be carrying around any unnecessary heavy baggage.  

Getting through customs

Should you are taking medication of any kind then it is best to leave your prescriptions in their original packaging and or containers. If your medicine is of an unusual or narcotic nature then you might consider bringing a letter from your doctor.

If you have any queries relating to any medicinal drug that you might or might not be allowed to bring into Thailand then it is best to contact your nearest Thai Embassy or consulate beforehand.

Please do not bring any hard drugs into Thailand

Haad Yuan Beach on Koh Pha Ngan Island 

Keeping your money safe while on the move

Take a little foreign currency in cash with you after which you can use the ATM for further withdrawals. Carry only small amounts of cash, especially at night and never place money in your back pocket. If need, you can find other places on your body to hide your money. There are loads of ATM machines all over Thailand with some even in places further afield.

Draw enough money to last a few days and the rest of your purchases can be done with the one or two credit cards you should also carry with you. Let your bank know of your impending destination so as to avoid any unpleasantness as you wouldn’t want to be denied any access. All the usual suspects apply to the safe keeping of your PIN number etc.

If you need to carry a handbag when shopping then you would want to keep a close eye on it and make sure that it stays close to your person at all times. Let a friend or family member hold on to your bag should you need to use your hands while viewing any item for a closer inspection.

Any other cash may be stored in the mini safe in most good hotels and resorts or at least downstairs at the reception. Whatever you do, do not flash your cash around, especially in the girlie bars unless you want to buy the whole house a round of drinks, which could leave you running back and forth to the ATM machines.

While on the subject of bars, always pay up front for every round of drinks you purchase. And never ever keep a bar tab anywhere.

 Thai Baht

Bring extra passport photos

It is advisable to carry a few extra recent passport size photos with you as you never know when they might come in handy. Thailand is a short distance away from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos should you decide to visit any of these countries whilst in this part of Asia. Cambodia is only a one-hour flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh. One passport photo will be required upon arrival.

Although close, Burma may not always allow entry at any given time. Also, make a photocopy of the page that has your photo on your passport and keeps it separate from your main passport.

Being away from home for some time

Always let family members know where you might be from time to time. Leave a complete itinerary including photocopies of your passport, identification papers, driver’s license, airline tickets and other such information with family or friends.

If you need to keep in contact, most hotels and resorts have internet access, if not in your room, you’ll find connections in the lobby. You’ll also find internet cafe’s in all the tourist locations around the country except perhaps in the remote areas of the north and northeast.

Knowing a few Thai words and phrases

Learn to speak a few words of the local Thai language. It’s always appreciated by the locals if you know how to speak even a few simple words like Hello, Thank You and Too Expensive. Go to my Thai phrase book page for more information. Just click the link above. You could also browse the internet to find out more.

Yes! I do realise that it’s not going to be that easy, but a good suggestion would be to simply ask the hotel receptionist to teach you a few words or phrases upon arrival. Write them down and then practice them in your room later. It may take a while, but it will be well worth it at the end of the day.

Karon Beach on Phuket Island