Murray River from a House Boat at Mannum

Mannum, South Australia

Mannum (Google Maps), barely 20 minutes away from Murray Bridge also extremely well known for the ‘Unforgettable’ houseboat series.

The house boats can range from a plush 1 story house boat to a 3 story houseboat with leather lounges, big screen TV’s and two or three spas to relax your muscles after a hard days riding, oh the luxuries of this fine river.

Located on the banks of the Murray River this town historically was a hub for ship building and transport. A popular port for the various Paddle Steamers in the mid to late 1800’s supporting the river trade and a substantial local manufacturing industry.

The stern-wheeler Murray Princes, based at Mannum, now provides tourists with cruises along the river. It is Australia’s largest and most luxuriously appointed paddle steamer and cruises run each week.

Regardless of the luxury of the house boat, it is the remote access of finding the best water and windless hidden curves that the Murray River hides along it’s banks.

The ability to simply go for a ride as much as you want from the back of the house boat is pure joy!

How to Get There

Only accessible by road, Mannum is a short 20-minute drive from Murray Bridge or one and half hours from Adelaide.

There are two boat ramps in the area, the most popular one is at Mary Ann Reserve next to the local Rowing Club. Having picnic facilities including a BBQ area, green grass, and shady trees it is easy to understand why.

The other boat ramp is located on the main street (Randle Street) opposite Mannum Hotel. There you will find a good size car park if you simply want to take to the water and ride.

Where to Stay

This small rural town has a variety of accommodations around Mannum ranging from caravan parks, hotels, and motels as well as a large selection of houseboats suitable for all wakeboard traveler budgets.