Wisemans Ferry, A heaven in NSW

Wisemans Ferry is about 1.5 hrs Northeast of Sydney is the Hawkesbury River. If you don’t know this River from wakeboarding then you’ve probably heard of a huge famous ski racing competition called the ‘Bridge to Bridge’

In the past, before the bridge was built for the Pacific Highway (Highway 1) over the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, you had to travel to a small town called Wisemans Ferry where, hence the name, you caught a ferry over the river to head North to Newcastle

Here on the wide-open river banks that cut through the red and grey sandstone cliffs, you will find the oldest and most experienced wakeboarding school, Black Diamond. Headed up by the godfather of wakeboarding himself, Scotty Kell.

Scotty is renowned for coaching almost every one of the riders on the pro tour to date.

Black Diamond is a wakeboard only school with more boards and boats then you can poke a stick at. Scotty has all the knowledge and expertise that will get you up to a level you never thought was possible.

Accommodation and Coaching

Accommodation packages through Black Diamond, are available from beginner to the pro from hourly coaching to a few weeks or more if desired. Black Diamond also has a second wakeboard-only school that is running out of the Gold Coast by Pro Rider John Henson.

How to Get There

The great thing about the Wisemans Ferry Hawkesbury is that almost anyone can get to it easily from Sydney. Because the river is so big, it can handle the boat traffic easily..

With many public boat ramps and caravan parks all along the river, from the mouth (near Gosford) all the way to Windsor there is always accessibility. Better yet the high cliffs and thick shrub and tree-lined shores make sure that if one section of the water is rough then around the corner is always flat.