Can’t find a Shack on the Murray River?
Try Ankara, Walkers Flat

If you don’t ‘know’ the right people to share a ‘shack’ with you can always try Ankara Youth Camp.

The accommodation facilities are simple, however the location is magnificent with plenty of green grass, shady trees and sandy beach. This location is popular for youth and church groups.

Two minutes down the road is the ‘punt’ to get you across the river and a small shop and petrol pump.

The importance of the shop becomes apparent when you realise how remote this location really is – about a 2 hour drive from Adelaide and not much else in between!

If you aren’t up for staying at the Youth Camp, there is a public boat ramp just up from the ‘punt’ where – if you are keen you can pitch a tent on the dirt and bum a ride from the locals – if you’re lucky!

Alternatively there are a number of holiday houses available for rent for a week-end or weekly.

How to Get There

Ankara, Walkers Flat is located in the middle of South Australia on the Murray River at Walkers Flat. Unless you have a house boat the only way to get there is by car.