Victoria, Australia The home of the Wakeboarders

Despite the severe drought, you can still find plenty of places to wakeboard in Victoria, they are just getting smaller.

Starting in Australia’s Alps, the Murray River forms the border between NSW and Victoria for about 2000 of its 2,575 kilometers before crossing into South Australia.

The Murray and Lake Eildon provide the most water access for the masses during summer. Unfortunately due to the water shortage, it is starting to get a bit cramped for the wakeboarder.

Alas don’t despair, there are still many great spots and I am really making it sound worse than it actually is, so read on and find your Victorian waterway. (See google map).

Host to Many Wakeboard Events

Learn from the Pro’s. Over summer when there are many events across the state.

In Melbourne you can roll up to the Caribbean Gardens (private lake) and Yarra River (Moomba Festival) for free wake board events that bring in the crowds. However the Yarra River is not open for general public for wakeboarding.

Melbourne’s Wakeboarding Cable Park

The good news is that the Caribbean Gardens now hosts the first and only wakeboarding cable park.

If you are in Melbourne and looking for a place to ride, definitely check it out.