A well-kept secret

There are very few places left to ride these days that aren’t packed out with loads of other boaters. There are however still some secluded places that are still reasonably untouched and are worth every second of the journey.

Khancoban is one of those well-kept secrets.

Only people who have actually visited or holidayed in this quaint, small township know about it. The secret to its unassuming success is its isolation.

Positioned at the gateway of the snowy mountains 567 km from Sydney via Cooma (166 km from Cooma) and Thredbo Village. You will wind through the mountains for hours before reaching this town located only 13 km from the Victorian border.

The road, known as the Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Khancoban, was constructed in 1956 as a direct result of the needs of the Snowy Mountain Authority.

The area was first settled in the 1830s when it was known as Swampy Plains. From that time until the arrival of the road it was a lonely and isolated settlement, which was and still is virtually unknown.

As it is so far misplaced from any real civilization there is a landing strip right next to the dam for those of you who have your own plane.

For the rest of us, it is a grueling drive from either Sydney or Melbourne but once at Khancoban you will reap the benefits of isolation and ride the pristine waters by yourself all day long.

Keep in mind this lake is direct snowmelt from the mountains and doesn’t really warm up until December so take a wetsuit

How to get there.

To get to Khancoban from Melbourne by road, will take you about 5 hours straight up the Hume Highway turning right at Wodonga. Drive towards Thredbo and Perisher for an hour before hitting the small town.

Where to Stay.

Located on the main road, Lakeside Resort is as it says, right on the waterfront (where else would a lakeside resort be!) You can’t get any closer than that.

The Resort has accommodation ranging from bringing your own tent to well-equipped cabins to suit all budgets.