Wallamba River, New South Wales, Australia

The Wallamba River, NSW is nestled just off the main highway that follows the East Coast from Sydney to Port Macquarie. It’s home to many boaters and wakeboarders that dwell in the twin town of Foster-Tuncurry.

Why wouldn’t you spend some time here checking out the sights and enjoy the surf at your door step. Wakeboard to your hearts content in the protected lakes and rivers.


Unfortunately, the NSW Maritime has prohibited wakeboarding on the river, and especially around Wallamba River Holiday Park.

Fame names in the wakeboard world have graced the Wallamba Resort.

The Wallamba ski resort has seen many famous names in the wakeboard world pass by its banks. The wakeboard film ‘Accidental’ produced by Christian Fitzpatrick used the location for a week and a half to capture footage for his movie.

Chris Oshea, Scotty Broome, John Henson, Dwayne Priestley, Dean Smith, The Mackey bros. and even Amber Wing, all spent the week filming here.

In their downtime, they enjoyed the sights of Foster-Tuncurry and the fantastic skate park situated right next to the boat ramp in town.

The sleepy ski resort has an enchanting feel about it and is simply beautiful, if you’d like to see more of the riding that took place and the people who did it then check out Wake magazine for the full story and watch ‘Accidental’ to see the beauty.

Wake magazine has also featured a few articles on this pristine location with the likes of the Morgan brothers.

Wallamba Resort Private Boat Ramp and Beach

In such an amazingly hidden spot it’s no wonder how it has remained a locals treat (until now) and no doubt they would want to keep it that way.

Sandy shores, well kept boat ramps and delightful tree lined parkland makes this an adorable mid week place to put your boat in and ride forever along the many miles of wind protected glassy water.

How to Get There

From Forster, follow the main road north to Taree. Approx. 10 minutes out of town you will see the sign to turn left to get to the Wallamba River Resort.

About halfway ( 5 minutes drive out of town) is the well-kept Darawank Memorial Park where you can cruise down the river and meet up with friends. Even though there is no beach the grassy banks and pylons make it easy to access water or road.

Public Boat Ramp

There you will find a private and public boat ramp.

The public boat ramp is flanked by shade trees, lush green grass, and a delightful sandy beach – a perfect setting for a great day on the river.

Where to Stay

The Wallamba Resort has cabins overlooking the Wallamba River. However, if you want more of a cosmopolitan feel you can choose from a wide range in the twin towns of Forster – Tuncurry (ten minutes away). and while you are there remember you can also wakeboard from Forster Keys.