A special place where children can learn all about Science and Technology and a lot of other Crazy Stuff

Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok a wonderful place for kids of all ages to learn about science and technology and the other crazy stuff their inquisitive minds are constantly yearning for.

This museum is also an awesome place for them to have lots of fun. And because a visit to the museum gives you a completely different perspective of the world as we know it, grownups should enjoy it too.

Any preconceived ideas you might have had about museums being dull and boring including all those telltale signs that politely inform you not to touch anything, this one actually inspires all who enter to commit to the whole learning process.

What this means is that it has a very much hands-on approach. Children will be encouraged to participate with as many of the interactive displays as they like.

Learning how things work, kids get to experience lots of fabulous thrills as their inquisitive minds go into overdrive. Tiny tots go gaga and touch everything that comes into view. Older kids will want to test their skills as they try to figure out how everything works and fits together.

I would not be surprised if your kids bombard you with tonnes of questions as to why, what and how the whole system works here. There’s a good chance that you may not know yourself, but there’s also no need to worry as staff here will answer any question you have.

Young Artist at the Discovery Museum 

While there are plenty of things to see, feel, experiment and entertain yourself with at the museum, kids and grownups alike seem to get a kick out of creating a giant plastic bubble around themselves in the science gallery.

Despite it being a lot of fun and good for a giggle, I couldn’t quite grasp the real meaning behind it. There’s a tunnel of multifaceted mirrors that will set your imagination a flutter as you try to fathom the very nature of the illusion. Good for a chuckle.

In another area of the museum there is a life section where you can examine and experiment with some kind of human kinetic process which connects and engages the mind and body. Cannot explain it in so many words.

While you are here, have your heart-rate checked using one of the indoor bicycles. Though some of this may seem to require a certain amount of skill and coordination, what it does, is test your knowledge and at the same time provide you with a lot of fun.

There is so much to learn about at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok such as what sort of people are there outside your own comfort zone. What sort of homes do they live in, what sort of clothes do they wear, what sort of work do they do, what sort of food do they eat, what do they do for love, what sort of language do they speak, what sort of entertainment do they like and generally whatever else makes many different people and cultures around the world tick.

Children can test their skills on various types of musical instruments including a variety of drums from all over the world or you can simply listen to the recordings and sounds these instruments make. You can discover a whole new world of how greetings are expressed in different languages.

Learn how to say hello in Thai. If you are female it’s Sa-wat-dee Kah and if you are male it’s Sa-wat-dee kraup. Perhaps you might even like to say Hola, the Spanish word for Hello. 

Let your children experience what it’s like to become a chef for the day by joining the little kitchen cooking class where they get taught how to make yummy food even if it is all Thai. It’s a good place to start as there is no need to worry if something goes wrong.

Who knows you may just have a top chef in the making. If not skilled at cooking then perhaps there is a place for your kids to become rising starlets in the music industry or a talk show host on TV or radio.

One intended purpose kids learn at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is to extend their natural curiosity at an international level whereby lend a helping hand at understanding and respecting people and their cultures about the world around them. Grownups could also take a page out of this book.

The Robot Zoo

On the grounds of the Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is the Robot Zoo, where your kids will find a magical collection of mechanical shapes. Not only can children learn everything there is to know about different animals and insects, but they also get a chance to feel what it’s really like to actually be one too.

Kids can experience what it feels like to hang like a bat, hop like a grasshopper, climb like a chameleon, dive like a platypus, glide like a giant squid, buzz like a bee or irritate you like a housefly.

As far as the bee or fly is concerned, you can put on a pair of Velcro slippers while stepping on a sticky surface to rein-act the sensation bees feel while buzzing from one flower to another or as in the case of the fly, dive bombing one plate of food to another. Whatever the motive, you can bet your bottom dollar your kids will love everything about this place.

The excitement and entertainment continue outside the museum where children will find a whole lot of new challenges. They can try their skills at conquering the Pyramid Net which appears to spiral into the heavens.

I suspect the American Gladiator series may like to get their hands on this one. Other challenges include trying to cross a rather rickety bridge or swinging down a spiral ladder. Outside kids can use their proficiency with paint to create great artworks on T-Shirts.

If all this is too much for you, you could find a quiet spot in the reading library where you can surround yourself in a make-believe garden. If you’re feeling a little peckish, you can head to the in-house canteen for a bite to eat or a refreshing cold drink. You may just need it after all the continuous excitement.

Pyramid Net in the Outdoor Playground

Getting to the Discovery Museum in Bangkok

The easiest way to get to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is with the Sky Train. You’d get off at Mo Chit Station, right next to Chatuchak Weekend Market. From there turn right into Kamphaengphet Road, then walk another 500 metres until you see the museum’s sign to your left.

Alternatively, you can use the Metro Underground Train and get off at Chatuchak Station, then head towards Chatuchak Weekend Market and take directions from there.

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Friday and 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

As a suggestion should you be in Bangkok over the weekend is to take the kids to the market in the morning on either of those days simply because there are lots to see and do there. You might like to have lunch there too.

The only real downside is that there is no air-conditioning. That’s why it’s best to go as early as possible. Thereafter go to the museum where you can spend the rest of the day in comfort. That way you’d be killing two birds with one stone as they say.