Raymond Terrace the home of the wakeboarders

Raymond Terrace is just a touch North of Newcastle (NSW) by about 20 – 30 minutes off highway number 1.

It is quite easy to think that there isn’t any wakeboarding in Raymond Terrace but you will be pleasantly surprised upon closer inspection.

Barely half an hour from the town of Newcastle and only 10 minutes from the Williamstown airport the Hunter River runs between the farmland paddocks and pristine houses that line the banks before heading out to sea.

The large car park and boat ramp is very well serviced and maintained underneath the Fitzgerald Bridge right in the heart of the town.

The riverbanks are about 6 feet higher then the water level and this usually keeps any wind from touching the water so there is rarely any rough water.

The Hunter River is home to such wakeboarding pros as Ty and Harley Clifford who religiously ride there as often as possible when they aren’t off competing in the pro tour or overseas.

How to get there

Car is the obvious choice up the freeway or you can fly with any airline into Newcastle (Williamstown) airport starting at $60.

Where to Stay

The pub is right on the waters edge on the other side of the bridge and not only does a mean chicken parma but has cheap rooms to stay the night.