Lake Ohakuri, A place for World Champion Wakeboard Riders.

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Lake Ohakuri

If you have been living under a rock then you need to be told about Lake Ohakuri and the Ballistics wakeboard camp in New Zealand.

For years this camp has been educating and pumping out world champion riders like the great late Mark Kenny who spent a load of time coaching there. Jeff Weatherall, Brad Smeele, Antonio Colling, Brant Hales, Hayden Maguire, Andrea Fountain, and many many more have all called Ballistics home over the years.

Lake Ohakuri is absolutely massive and surrounded by high pines on hills that protect the water at every angle you can imagine. If it’s rough – go round the corner and you will be even more amazed.

Not only does this lake host pristine riding conditions but many thermal hot pools and springs dotted around the lake. Here you can dock your boat and relax in warm bath-like water with your mates.

How to Get to Lake Ohakuri

Situated just up from Orakei Korako Cave and Thermal Park, also known as The Hidden Valley, just off the beaten track between Taupo and Rotorua.

Two turns from highway 1 and ten minutes later you are at one of the most beautiful locations to wakeboard in the world.

Where to Stay

Balistics Camp

The camp has loads of features including its own personal rail jamming lake, paintball, pool table, hot spas, and more.

River Cottage Just 12 minutes out of Taupo off Broadlands road, beside the Waikato river you will find River Cottage, which has heaps of room for the boats and mates. Accommodating up to 14 people.


If you’re not after the camp-like experience, you are more than welcome to book some fine accommodation directly opposite Orakei Korako’s thermals and hot bubbly lakes for your own private getaway.

Boat Ramps

There are two boat ramps situated on the lake, one just a wee bit up the Waikato River where it feeds the lake. The first is the public launch near the dam wall. The second, Orakei, is on the river at the South end of the lake. This is for guests only however you can still ride up past it and blow your mind as you stare at hot water and magma-like substances flowing straight into the water you’re riding on.