Wakeboarding under lights in Renmark,SA

Renmark was recently host to a wakeboard comp under lights. With prize money across the board and open to anyone who wanted to have a shot at the title, the battle was well and truly going to be tough.

The format for the competition was definitely focused on fun and each person rode once to be seeded and then went into a head-to-head format with the higher-ranked rider opting to choose a double up or the kicker that both had to hit.

Unfortunately the Matrix Expression ran over one of the anchor ropes and basically turned the comp into a double up session.With only one hit at the double up it was a going to be a precise battle with the most consistent wake boarder going through to the top.

The finals were being held in front of the Renmark Club and the decking was packed with spectators who had all come to enjoy not only the wakeboard action but also the fantastic deal the club had put on.

As far as the all you can drink crowd could tell there were some spectacular crashes and amazing water-boarding going on under the lights.

At the end of the comp, the majority agreed that Luke Matson should walk away from the first prize with a massive front to fakie and Nat Barber put 2nd in his skyrocket for some huge O/A 360s.

This was a sure way to get the party started but for the groms the most exciting thing they all pined for, other then the money was to be standing on the podium with Casey and Monica, two girls from Mannum who happened to be singled out in the crowd for an on the spot promotional prize giving ceremony. With the prize giving out of the way it was time to party the season away with all of the SA and Vic crew who had come to meet in the middle of the Murray for this event.

The next day saw a few weary heads shaking the sun out of their eyes and trying to adjust to the perfect conditions in which the state of origin was to be held.

Not many Victorians were told about a new rule of dressing up that the SA crew had made up and it was off to the op shop to gather outfits that would accommodate. You see each rider would gain an extra 50 points to collaborate to the total of their states score if they dressed up and rode in the competition.

The riding conditions were particularly good and this just helped up the anti amongst the riders and it was amazing to see the likes of Rhett Payne, Riley Phitzner and Sam Cowley, all from South Aussie mind you, throw down and blow minds with their riding.

The whole weekend was meant to be about the state of origin and SA v Victoria but really it was a funtastic way to party it up and finish the summer season with a bang and that’s exactly what everyone did.

For those who care, South Australia won the state of origin but in the end it was wakeboarding that won, as there were many smiles on the human faces that lit up the small township of Renmark.

It wasn’t a total loss for the Vico’s and the Mackey’s took it upon them selves to take the Vic crew out in their new Nautique 220 for a massive wake surfing set that had everyone in stitches and giggling again.

How to Get to Renmark, SA

There are a couple of things that go through people’s minds when they think of Renmark (Google map). The first is usually of the Murray River and all of its beauty. The second is – is there any air services to the area. Well, the latter is unfortunately not available with the nearest airport an hour away in Mildura – located in the very top left-hand corner of Victoria.

After a 7 hour drive from Melbourne the Murray crosses into South Australia where another hours drive brings you to the fruit fly boarder and the little but very bustling township of Renmark.

Where to Stay in Renmark, South Australia

Apart from houseboats and Renmark Motels you can also find a posy on the banks of the Murray at the Caravan parks that boast not only sleeping accommodation but many other activities, when you tire of the wake.