Hand Painted Hats on Display

I have created a Stuff to Buy in Thailand Guide to help assist you in finding some of the most interesting and exotic things to purchase whilst on vacation here. Whether it’s fine Thai silks, high fashion or dozens of local handicrafts, Thailand has it all and so much more. It just seems to be endless.

Some of the most tempting purchases take the form of souvenirs, electronic goods, handicrafts, artworks, books, designer clothing, ceramics, silverware and lacquerware, antiques and artifacts, silk fabrics, tailored suits and shirts, gems and jewellery, and more.

Thai Fabrics

Thai Fabrics with the emphasis on Thai silk are without a doubt some of the best-known buys in Thailand. There is an enormous range of styles and designs to choose from extending from the ancient to the modern.

Cotton products are also an excellent choice with goods such as cushions, batiks and clothing being widely available. Tailor shops found in both cities and resorts are famous for their craft offering a wide range of suits, shirts and dresses, all made to order.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts covers a huge range of products with most of the best buys coming from the north of the country. Hill tribe artifacts sold in all the small towns and villages include items such as brightly coloured blankets, patchwork bags and delicate silver jewellery.

Beautiful traditional masks and puppets can be bought at many of the open markets. Intricate Thai carvings in bronze, wood, and stone can be acquired in all the craft markets. Wickerwork in all guises from rice steamers, trays and boxes to durable Rattan furniture, are all great buys.

Woven Rattan Balls and Wickerwork on Display