From Theme Parks, Water Parks, Safari Parks to Kids Museums, Aquariums and Stunt Shows

 Kids having Fun in the Sun

There are loads of fun stuff for Kids in Bangkok to excite their emotions. Despite the country’s reputation for being one of the top adult playgrounds of the world, there are numerous playgrounds for children to discover. There are theme parks, water parks, indoor playgrounds and lots, lots more for your kids to truly amuse themselves all day long. Children are extremely special to the Thai people and they often express their delight when they see western toddlers in their country.

Should you be in Bangkok on business and you cannot afford to spend a too much time during the day with the kids, always remember, Thailand has some great family style hotels and resorts where kids are well catered for. Childminders and babysitters are always available to take care of your kids whilst you are busy.

I have compiled a list of some fun hot spots below where your kids in Bangkok will absolutely enjoy themselves. And if you are anything like me, you should thoroughly enjoy yourself as well.

As I’m a kid at heart myself, I and have created a three-dimensional work of art which is proudly displayed in my home with the title: Absolute Kid – Let’s Play. I created this piece because of my belief that we are all children of the universe, no matter what our age is. I have included a photo of my art below for you and your kids to enjoy. The size of the art is 4,500 x 1,500mm and is constructed using a mixed media of aluminum, steel, wood, and perspex.

Absolute Kid – Let’s Play

Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok is an ideal place to take the kids insofar as they will acquire a far greater understanding of how the real world works through science and technology as well as gaining immense knowledge on the diverse cultures of all the people, plants and animals that roam our planet.

Here the kids are actually encouraged to interact with as many displays as they can get their hands on including learning how to become a TV, musician or movie star. There are language, cooking and painting classes as well as many challenges both indoors and outdoors and this while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Robot Zoo

The Robot Zoo at the Children’s Discovery Museum is a wonderful place to take kids of all ages to see the awesome displays of larger-than-life robotic animals, reptiles, and insects. Imagine having on-hand fun while learning about the habits of bats, grasshoppers, chameleons, and house flies. You’ll also discover how real animals such as the squid, the rhinoceros, the platypus, and the giraffe survive, including an illustrated guide to how all these creatures work.

Water Park Sliders at Siam Park City

Siam Park City

Another fun outing for kids in Bangkok to enjoy is that of Siam Park City, where they can go on as many as thirty different types of roller coaster rides. The park not only caters to young children of all ages, but it is also the ultimate place for you as an adrenaline junkie wanting to experience thrilling rides to the extreme.

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is one of the largest aquariums in south-east Asia and a fun learning centre for all the kids in Bangkok to see. Take a journey trough the seven different zone environments.

Start with the “Weird and Wonderful” where you can see strange pineapple fish and even stranger giant spider crabs. “Deep Reef” will fascinate you with their reef dwellers. Learn how sea animals survive in the “Living Ocean”. Find lungfish, blind cave fish, giant water rats and otters in the “Rain Forest”.

Observe many life forms on the shores at “Rocky Shores”. Thrill at the ragged tooth shark and stingray in the “Open Ocean” and lastly visit these mysterious and deadly sea creatures who have no brain or skeletal structure in “Sea Jellies”.

Safari World

Safari World is both a safari park and marine park situated a little further north of Bangkok and offers a host of exciting adventure thrills for kids of all ages. An outing to this 300-acre safari park would not be complete without stopping here for a leisurely visit. The park is divided into several entertainment zones and is by far one of the most exciting venues for kids in Bangkok to experience.

Not only is there an open zoo where you’ll get to see several wild animals in their natural habitat, but you’ll also get to see a variety of colorful and exotic birds in the in-house Bird Park as well as Macaw Island and a games corner. Safari World is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with an admission fee of 700 Baht for adults and 450 Baht for kids. Not cheap, but it’s well worth the experience.

Spy War Action Show at Safari World is a supreme visual extravaganza experience offering all kids in Bangkok many awesome stunts and special effects performed by mock para-troopers.

Cowboy Stunt Show is where you’ll experience some pretty amazing stunts performed by mock cowboys and bandits as they knock, punch and push for power. The adventurous entertainment doesn’t stop as you continue enjoying the attractions at Safari World.

Dream World Theme Park

Dusit Zoo

Dusit Zoo is located on Rama V road near Parliament in Bangkok. It is the oldest zoo in Thailand and dates back some sixty years. It is home to over 2,000 animals who roam this sanctuary on around 47 acres which include 12 acres of lakes. This zoo also has its own animal hospital to cater to all their medical needs.

Animals at Dusit Zoo

Dream World

Dream World Theme Park is styled on the same principal of the theme parks of North America. At this wonderful theme park, you will find fun and excitement for the whole family as you discover a number of dream worlds in one. The site is conveniently situated just beyond the Don Muang Airport right here in Bangkok.

The park is open daily between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm with an admission fee of around 450 Baht for adults with children whose height is below 90 centimeters being able to get in for free. Please be prepared for the long haul as the kids won’t want to leave this park in a hurry. No need to go hungry either as you will find a number of food stalls and restaurants as well as fast food outlets like KFC. 

Life-size Caricature at Dream World Theme Park

Adventure Land is a theme park for the more adventurous where you can indulge in thrilling roller coaster rides, bumper car rides, water rides and Viking swing boat rides. There is even a haunted mansion for those who dare.

Snow Land is a one of a kind concept whereby all kids in Bangkok can create snowmen and other interesting objects in a huge field of artificial snow even in a hot and humid Bangkok.

Fantasy Land is another theme park full of fantastic fantasia with various shows re-enacting scenes from the fairy tale stories of the likes of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. All these theme parks are located within the grounds of the Dream World Theme Park.

You will find many species of animal, including elephants and tapirs from India, rhinos and giraffe from Africa as well as wild deer from Java. Other animals too numerous to mention include hippopotamus, tiger, kangaroo, penguin, zebra, monkey, bear as well as many other exotic animals, reptiles and birds. This zoo is open daily between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm with an entrance fee of around 100 Baht.

Dream world Fantasy Land

Dream World Plaza consists of miniature constructions of a number of European style houses. Dutch style homes lie side by side with homes from Belgium, Spain, France and Germany.

Dream World Garden is not only full of beautiful flowers but also houses many recreations of world-renowned architectural sites such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Wall of China. Dream World Theme Park is a kid’s paradise.

Mini Taj Mahal at Dream World Garden