Elephant Trekking on Forested Islands

Organized Tours and Tour Operators

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Organized Tours in Thailand which can be individually designed and booked from abroad. They can also be booked online and usually include all manner of travel, sight-seeing and accommodation arrangements.

There are also equally as many local Tour Operators in Thailand itself, offering a wide range of both commercial and specialised tours that should suit just about every request. The local TAT offices in Thailand will also recommend reputable tour companies.

A typical all-inclusive tour to Thailand from your home country will inevitably last anywhere between one to two weeks, but longer periods of up to one month can almost certainly be planned. Most countries are issued with a 30-day entry visa upon arrival, but you may need to check whether this actually applies to you.

You could spend a few days in Bangkok followed by excursions to Chiang Mai and other northern locations or you could simply fly directly to the Island of Phuket and spend your days relaxing on the beach and exploring the surrounding regions for a spot of diving, snorkelling, sailing or whatever else may take your fancy.

Private Tour: 4-Hour Phuket City Tou

4-Hour Private Phuket City Tour 

Explore the sights of Phuket City on this 4-hour guided tour. Visit the most famous beaches, explore the acclaimed Chalong Temple, enjoy shopping at a local gemstone and cashew nut factories and admire the breathtaking views of Promthep Cape.

Boats in Bang Bao Fishing Village – Ko Chang Island

Organized Tours – Sight-Seeing Trips

Without going into too much detail, tour companies, street shops and most hotels and guesthouses throughout Thailand offer a huge variety of tours of one kind or another.

A typical excursion can range from half-to-one-day city tours that will cover the main sights, to a more comprehensive itinerary that will take in several towns and locations over a few days.

Numerous tours also cover entertainment venues such as theme parks, tropical gardens, aquariums and animal sanctuaries.

While a single day trip to the most popular local sights can usually be booked one day before departure, longer trips to distant locations need to be organised a few days in advance to allow for additional requirements such as transport and accommodation.

In many cases, tour companies arrange to pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse and then drop you off after the tour is over. 

I’m sure you are aware that the cost of booking a tour whether in your own country or in Thailand, will naturally be higher than if you use local transport to get to various places of interest.

In most cases, entry fees to theme parks, entertainment venues and the likes are much the same for all tourists, although you may or may not be surprised, locals are charged a much lower entrance fee.

In most cases, it is reasonable to say that the convenience of an organised tour will far out-weigh the inconvenience of having to find your own way around any unfamiliar city or town. The only real drawback is that with some tours there are restraints which rarely allow you to linger other than the allotted time stipulated.

3 Days Bangkok Way of Life

3-Day Bangkok Way of Life Tour 

Tapping into new ways to explore Bangkok from a different angle, emphasizing its local way of life will change your views forever. Using different transportation means, you will never see the city in the same light when exploring ‘Krung Thep’ our way.

Organized Tours with Luxury Coaches

Organized Tours – Tour Buses and Boats

Thai tour companies use luxury coaches for long trips. All have air-conditioning, many have reclining seats and onboard toilets. Some even provide refreshments. Minivans are for shorter trips. Most buses are extremely well maintained and perfectly safe.

I do, however, advise you to keep an eye on your belongings at all times. It’s unlikely that you will see a tour bus in shoddy condition, but should you come across one that is, hopefully, it won’t be the one you are about to board.

Various boats and cruisers, whether luxurious or otherwise, are immensely popular with tourists at all the resorts. They provide superlative transport for day trips to remote islands and beaches for any number of water sports opportunities and exploration.

As part of these waterborne trips, tour companies will often include onboard diving facilities as well as transfers to and from your hotel. Some boats even provide specialised accommodation if the diving trip spans several days.

Cruise Boats off Nang Yuan Island

Elephant Trekking and River Rafting

There are several specialised tour packages designed specifically for the more adventurous traveller. They can incorporate activities such as river rafting and elephant trekking. Both of which are fast becoming popular tourist attractions in the northern parts of Thailand. These tours can easily vary from just a few days to several weeks depending on the length of your stay in the region.

It is important to book a tour with a reputable company and one  which provides guides who are not only knowledgeable of the area but for safety reasons too, particularly when trekking through the jungle or while visiting hill-tribe villages. You need to be aware that the quality of guides varies from place to place.

For numerous other reasons, it sure takes the stress out of trying to go it alone. It is not uncommon to find bilingual guides accompanying these tours, especially to cultural sites in Northern Thailand, North-East Thailand and Central Thailand. 

Hill Tribe Village Tour and River Cruise from Chiang Mai

Discover the villages of northern Thailand’s hill tribes on a full-day tour from Chiang Mai to the settlements of the Akha, Palong, and Padaung Karen peoples. Cruise along the Mae Kok River and lunch at a village restaurant in the tropical forest. See details above.

Young Elephants Enjoying the Water